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Reimbursement Process

Here is an example of how the reimbursement process works:

  • Your physician has prescribed a branded Teva Oncology product for your treatment.
  • You have received your treatment where prescribed.
  • Your physician’s office will submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurance plan on your behalf.
  • Your physician’s office receives reimbursement for your treatment if the claim is approved. If your claim is denied please refer to the Appeals process.

Tips for filling out the Enrollment Form:

  • Please review the Enrollment Form and have the information requested on the form available for your physician.
  • Provide copies of insurance cards (front and back). Please make copies of your insurance cards and enlarge if possible.

Claims Appeal Process:

Your doctor has decided your Teva Oncology product is the right treatment for you, but your insurance plan has denied coverage. Here's an example of how your physician would appeal a denial of coverage:

  • Your physician's office determines why your insurance plan has denied coverage of your Teva Oncology treatment. The CORE Hotline team can help your physician's office evaluate your plan's requirements.
  • Your physician's office gathers the information and fills out the paperwork that is necessary to submit an appeal to your insurance plan.
  • Your physician's office submits the appeal to your insurance plan.
  • If your appeal is successful, your physician obtains reimbursement for your Teva Oncology treatment. If your appeal is denied, the CORE Hotline team can assist your physician's office in re-evaluating your plan's requirements.

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